The presence of local councillors from Dschang was quite remarkable and applauded in every workshop they led in Bafoussam, where the first edition of the Meetings for Exchange, Discovery and Exhibition in the Western Region organised by the Regional Council was being held. The remarkable presence of Dschang can be seen in the brilliant presentations made on Wednesday 13 December 2023 by Professor Nkengfack Hilaire; the Municipal Council of Dschang. Professor Nkengfack Hilaire moderated Workshop No. 7 on “Strategies for implementing the Regional Development Plan (RDP) / Decentralisation: Opportunities and local taxation”. This round table, held in the gymnasium, was also moderated by eminent academics including Professor Wandji Georges, Dr Sa’a, Dr Fouakeng Flaubert, Dr Satcha Feuba Christian and Mr Djoumessi Jean Baptiste.

Because REDEO 2023 relies on the expertise of municipalities that stand out on issues of territorial marketing, Professor Temgoua Émile, 1st Deputy Mayor of Dschang and a brilliant lecturer at the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA) of the University of Dschang, won admiration and loud acclaim with his brilliant presentation in the multi-purpose room of the City Council on Thursday 14 December 2023. The theme of the presentation was “Garbage is gold for the development of the Western region”.

In his presentation, Professor Temgoua Émile showed participants the genesis of the issue of waste management in the Dschang Council and all the stages that led to the creation of the Municipal Waste Management Agency (AMGeD). He also spoke of the added value of the Val’Box, the semi-automatic modular waste sorting plant. The interest shown in this plant by the participants enabled the members of the Regional Council present to further solicit the expertise of Dschang for the construction of such a larger plant for the management of waste from the whole region.

Quite simply, the exhibitor expressed the willingness of the Dschang Municipal Executive to support all organisations that request its assistance.

The advent of this first edition of REDEO 2023 is ample proof that Dschang is increasingly becoming the national showcase for decentralisation.