The meeting room of the Technical Services located in the Annex Building of the Dschang Council, served as the setting this Tuesday, 12 December 2023 for the traditional session relating to the analysis of files of building permit applications. Of the 31 applications rigorously examined by the members of the Commission, who were : The Lord Mayor of the Dschang, Chairman, the Divisional Delegate of MINHDU-MENOUA, the Divisional Delegate of MINTP-MENOUA, the Divisional Delegate of MINDCAF-MENOUA, the Divisional Delegate of MINEPDED-MENOUA, The Head of the Urban Planning and Housing Department of the DD/MINHDU-MENOUA, the representative of LABOGENIE, the representative of the Cameroon National Fire Brigade, the representative of the Divisional Officer, the Referring Counsel in charge of Planning, the Architect and others… 24 applications were deemed favourable compared with 07 unfavourable, representing a percentage of 77.42% of favourable applications.

It should be noted that the other 07 files were rejected on the grounds of: failure to provide details of the stability of certain buildings already constructed and which were the subject of the geotechnical expertise; the absence of the calibration certificate in certain expertise reports; and the depth of investigation of certain projects deemed insufficient to provide details of the structural calculations.