On Friday 15 December 2023, on the fringes of the city council session devoted to the adoption of the 2024 budget, I was awarded the prize for the Mayor most involved in decentralised cooperation by the press organisation “Mairie en or”. I would like to express my deep gratitude for this honour. It is with immense pride that I receive this award, which bears witness to the constant efforts made by our administration and our community to foster inter-municipal relations.

Decentralised cooperation is of vital importance in building a prosperous and inclusive future for all. It creates lasting links between different towns and regions, promoting economic, cultural and social exchanges. Thanks to this close collaboration, we can work together to solve common challenges, develop innovative projects and promote mutual understanding.

This award is the fruit of the hard work of a whole dedicated team, including members of the city council, city officials, local associations and, of course, our valued international partners. Each of them has contributed, in their own way, to strengthening our actions in favour of decentralised cooperation.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who have supported our initiatives, participated in our cooperation projects and believed in our shared vision. Your unwavering commitment has helped to forge strong links and open up new prospects for our city.

As Lord Mayor, I am committed to continuing my efforts to promote decentralised cooperation and strengthen our existing partnerships. This award is a source of inspiration and an incentive to redouble our efforts to ensure a better future for our community and create a fairer, more balanced society.

I would like to thank the “Mairie en or” media organisation once again for this wonderful honour, and I congratulate all the Mayors involved in decentralised cooperation. Together, we are stronger and we can build a better future.

For our common ambitions:

Let’s stay mobilised!

Together we will succeed!

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