We’ve just launched an operation to drain the riverbed, and we’re currently in discussions with two operators in terms of sanitation and development; there’s another who’s here, a citizen of the town of Dschang who has a proven track record in plant development, as we’ve seen in his field of fruit trees near the village of Leffe. With the technical services, we are in the process of drawing up or finalising on paper the development of the banks of this watercourse that we have drained. From next week, we’ll be starting work with this local operator, who will help us to do the planting while respecting the trajectory along this watercourse. As a prelude to this action, we’ll be planting useful trees, everything we can get our hands on in the way of fruit trees, and that’s what we’ll find along these banks, which will be areas for strolling. There was a wide-ranging debate on the town’s platforms, and what was proposed was in line with what we were thinking of implementing in these areas. Given that this is indeed what the local people think, we have decided to launch this project to continue with the development of the town.