This is what Mrs Sonna Henriette said on Monday 5 June at the signing of the partnership agreement between HTTC and the Dschang Council for the collection and transport of waste in the town of Dschang.

What motivated me is that I’m already a native of Dschang and I’ve had a lot of experience abroad as well as in Cameroon. I wanted to do my bit to help build my home town and my country. So I met Mayor Jacquis Kemleu, who had some wonderful projects that inspired me, and I thought I’d get involved in supporting them. So I approached a few people who were willing to help us with these projects. As for the resources at our disposal, we already have our own financial resources, which have enabled us to acquire two large machines, and as we often say, “you only ask when you already know what you’re doing”. The first machines will be there to show that we’re serious about the project, and once we’ve achieved certain results, we’ll be in a position to approach other partners.

I’m confident that Dschang can once again become the cleanest town in the country; if I wasn’t, I don’t think I’d have got involved, because acquiring machines like the ones you’re going to see soon are very expensive. You don’t get involved in this kind of project if you don’t believe in it, so I believe with all my heart that we’re going to succeed in making the town of Dschang one of the cleanest towns in Cameroon, if not the first very clean and healthy town in Cameroon. We care about the health of our parents, our fellow citizens and our children, and that starts with cleaning up the town.