A statement made by Mr Tiomo André, with whom the Dschang Council signed an agreement on Monday 5 June 2023 for the development of the banks of the Municipal Lake and its components.

It’s a major project, and we’ve been working on it for some time now, realising that the town of Dschang really needs a leisure area for its people. That’s why we embarked on this project, so that my fellow citizens and my family could benefit from the facilities we see elsewhere. As I’m based in Paris and have travelled a lot, I’ve had the opportunity to visit several beaches in the city centre, and that’s what motivates us to support the Mayor in the realisation of such a major project. In terms of capacity, I remain modest so as not to make people dream unnecessarily, but I have faith that we can quickly and progressively set up beaches that will make the town of Dschang and beyond dream, because Dschang today receives more and more people from outside. Not a week goes by without us receiving people who have come from far away in Europe or America to discover Dschang on these aspects of the work of the council and it is especially necessary that at the end of the day that they can find structures that they have elsewhere to be able to relax. Our primary objective is therefore to develop the municipal lake and its surroundings into what we have called Menoua Beach, and this is the company that is going to be set up locally to run this project. We need a festival hall worthy of the city of Dschang and its people, we need, as in other countries, the facilities that are built on the shores of lakes, commercial areas, hotels, recreation rooms, etc. We started working on this project before the signing of this agreement, we brought in our architects from Paris who worked for a week in the city of Dschang and its surroundings and who are now drawing us a model or I would even say a large-scale structured project of which we will soon be proud. The agreement we’ve just signed with the town council allows us to work under the patronage of the town council, but we think that in the first instance and between now and the end of year festivities, we’ll have some very attractive activities around the lake, and we’ll have an initial development that will start as soon as the rains stop. We think that between September and October we will give the Municipal Lake a different face and we will be implementing the first activities around this lake from November 2023.

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