The Head of the Municipal Executive of Dschang, Mr. KEMLEU TCHABGOU Jacquis Gabriel, who was absent and represented by his 1st deputy Professor TEMGOUA Emile, offered a meal to the municipal councillors of the mandate of challenges, in perfect communion with all the workers of the council. The City Hall served as the ideal setting for the occasion. Well arranged to the taste of all, some articulations allowed to set the scene before giving the floor to Mr. TILEFACK Norbert, spokesman of the staff delegates. In his introductory remarks, he praised this new initiative which is the first of its kind in Dschang and thanked the executive for all the facilities put in place for the staff to be at ease in their various services. It is worth noting that the strong action taken by the executive in place is the payment of bonuses to the staff of the hygiene service, the municipal garage and those of the AMGeD, as well as the tenure of 111 employees including 86 staff and 25 executives.

Taking the floor, Professor Emile TEMGOUA said he was honoured and satisfied with the actions of the Municipal Executive towards the employees who on a daily basis demonstrate their commitment to serve with pride the municipal institution and moreover the populations of Dschang. Recalling the Mayor’s words that “nothing will ever be the same again” and that “no one will ever be alone again”, he reassured the staff of the Executive’s willingness to always respond favourably to their needs. All the municipal staff, the Secretary General, the Municipal Councillors and the members of the Executive celebrated the 137th edition of the Labour Day together.