From 26 February to 08 March 2024, the town of Dschang, in the West Cameroon Region, will be hosting an unprecedented medical health campaign, initiated by the Lord Mayor of the Dschang Council, Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu Tchabgou, with the blessing of the Municipal Council, in partnership with the Cameroonian Diaspora in Belgium. This medical and surgical mission, which is taking place at the Dschang Annexe Regional Hospital, aims to offer quality care to the population, particularly the most vulnerable, in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases. It also involves health education, improving medical infrastructures, building the capacity of local medical staff and sharing experience.

To ensure the success of this campaign, the Lord Mayor of Dschang has mobilised significant human, material and financial resources, with the support of the Cameroonian Diaspora in Belgium, represented by Professor Alain NCHIMI, Radiologist, and Dr HAMIAFO Hervé, Pharmacist, both of whom practise in Belgium. This campaign was made possible thanks to the remarkable collaboration of the Ambassadors of Cameroon to Belgium, H.E. Daniel EVINA ABE’E, and of Belgium to Cameroon, H.E. Eric Jacquemin. It is important to note that the latest generation of materials and equipment were sent to the Dschang Annexe Regional Hospital, enabling cutting-edge operations to be carried out. The campaign also benefited from the support of the President of the West Regional Council, Dr Jules Hilaire FOCKA FOCKA, the West Regional Health Delegate, Dr Daouda Chinmoun, the availability of Professor Noubom, Director of the Regional Annex Hospital, and the administrative authorities, in particular the SDO and D.O, who facilitated the campaign and placed particular emphasis on the security aspect. A multidisciplinary team of dentists, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, general practitioners, internists, surgeons, urologists, nurses, volunteers, etc. is on hand to ensure that the campaign runs smoothly.

This initiative by the Lord Mayor of Dschang bears witness to his innovative and inclusive vision, which aims to involve the Cameroonian Diaspora, with its considerable potential, in the development of Dschang and consequently Cameroon. This is an example of cooperation and collaboration, which strengthens the links between Cameroonians at home and abroad, and contributes to improving the living environment and conditions of the population. The Lord Mayor of Dschang knows that he can always count on the unfailing support of the local councillors, who back his initiatives to promote health, education, the environment, culture and sport, etc.

The people of Dschang are invited to turn out en masse at the Annex Regional Hospital to take advantage of the free consultations and quality care offered by the medical campaign. They are also called upon to remain mobilised for future actions aimed at making Dschang a modern, dynamic and united city. Through this action, the Lord Mayor of Dschang, Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu Tchabgou, reaffirms his determination to work tirelessly for local development and the improvement of the living environment and conditions of the population, with the help of both national and international partners.