On Wednesday, 24 May 2023, the meeting hall of the Dschang council’s annex building was the setting for the traditional session on the analysis of building permit application files. Out of 37 applications, which were thoroughly examined by the members of the committee, comprising : the Chairman, the Mayor of the Dschang Council, and the technical sectors, notably: the Divisional Delegate of MINHDU-MENOUA; the Divisional Delegate of MINTP-MENOUA; the Divisional Delegate of MINDCAF-MENOUA; the Divisional Delegate of MINEPDED-MENOUA; the Head of the Urban Planning and Housing Department of DD/MINHDU-MENOUA; The representative of the LABOGENIE; The representative of the NATIONAL FIREFIGHTERS CORPS; The representative of the PROFESSIONAL ORDERS OF ENGINEERS OF CAMEROON; The representative of the Divisional Officer of the Dschang District; The consultant in charge of urban planning issues and the architect. 27 of the applications were approved, while the remaining 09 were rejected on the grounds of unsatisfactory town planning provisions, limited geotechnical expert reports on the works and non-compliance with the elements of the soil studies for structural calculations. Taking the floor at the end of the working session, Prof. TEMGOUA Emile, 1st Deputy Mayor, who represented the standard-bearer of the mandate of challenges prevented, saluted all the participants for the work done before insisting on the need to return the rejected files as soon as possible to the owners so that they comply.