The standard bearer of the mandate of challenges made a working visit to France on 08 November 2022. Several working sessions with different partners have allowed to:

1- finalize with the Engineer SURTI of the Company TERGYS the document of financing of the containerized drinking water system;

2- examined and received the study report on the implementation of the stadium and the athletics track of the Dschang Sports Complex in Paris with the Expert of the TOJEL Company

3- examined and finalized the project of the green city and the development of the tourist zone of the old municipal stadium on November 13, 2022 with the Expert Nouni Richard.

To complete the loop, the Lord Mayor Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu went to the headquarters of NOVEA company in Angers on Monday 14 November 2022 for the examination and reception of the studies of public lighting of the strategic axes of the city of Dschang following the field visit of the engineer Laurent Herbaut of the said company, made last October in Dschang. He was welcomed by Mr. Rudi Belliard, CEO of NOVEA ENERGIES, RAGNI Group.