The Civil Status Hall of the Nkoteng Council was the ideal setting for the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Nkoteng and Dschang on Friday June 21, 2024. The two municipalities, having demonstrated their willingness to join forces and converge towards the achievement of common goals, have given life to an important act in the process of expressing their local public policies through this convention in application of law N°2019/024 of December 24, 2019 of the general code of decentralized local authorities in its article 94.

The milestones of the said cooperation are set on the experiences acquired by each of the parties and the merging of energies will necessarily focus on essential points including:

Development of institutional cooperation;

Improving access to drinking water;

Optimizing waste management;

Implementation of environmental protection initiatives;

Improving sanitation;

Increasing local revenues;

Improving health services;

Agricultural and livestock development;

Tourism development.

In his welcome address, Mr. Esaïe Hubert Kanga, Lord Mayor of the Nkoteng Council, recalled that the signing of this cooperation agreement between the two communal institutions would enable progress to be made in terms of development and the well-being of the population. With a firm commitment, he declared: “I can assure you that the Nkoteng Council intends to play its part fully and completely, and to do its utmost to ensure that this cooperation lasts as long as possible”.

The signing of this deed is the result of the active will of the Municipal Councillors, who, at their last Municipal Councils, signed deliberations enabling the two councils to move forward. Lord Mayor Jacquis Kemleu left Dschang with a strong delegation comprising municipal councillors, the Secretary General, the Municipal Receiver, the Head of Cooperation and Partnership, and the directors of AMGeD and the Tourist Office, to demonstrate Dschang’s willingness to continue sharing its rich experience in decentralization. He emphasized that: “the actions we will be carrying out will be organized around each of the defined axes, and will be the subject, if necessary, of operational agreements specifying the partners involved, the objective and the results to be achieved; the actions themselves envisaged, the commitments of each party, as well as the methods of execution, monitoring and evaluation of the planned actions”. It was more to reassure the Municipal Councillors that he pledged to do his utmost to ensure that the actions defined by mutual agreement would be carried out under the best possible conditions and in compliance with reciprocal commitments.

Albert Nanga Dang, Sinior Divisional Officer of the Upper-Sanaga Division, expressed his satisfaction at presiding over such a ceremony, the first of its kind in the division, where he has served as administrative authority for twelve years. He expressed his satisfaction at finding a strong delegation from Dschang, where he served as First Deputy SDO of Menoua between 1988 and 1992. As administrative guardian, he encouraged the two municipalities to set an example in the process of implementing decentralization. He nevertheless recommended and encouraged the promotion of exchanges of experience and know-how, to contribute to the influence of the two councils, and to drive and support the dynamics of economic, social, educational, health, cultural and sporting development in their territories.

The example set by Dschang is a real source of inspiration for Cameroon’s local authorities, and should be written in gold on the national and international chessboard. Lord Mayor Jacquis Kemleu has left unforgettable memories in the hearts of the people of Nkoteng. Gifts were presented to the mayor, the D.O and the S.D.O, to ensure that local cooperation lives on forever.