The day after the signing of the cooperation agreement linking the Nkoteng and Dschang Councils, the two institutions immediately got down to work. Prior to a working session between technicians and local elected representatives, a field visit was carried out to assess achievements and get a feel for the realities, so as to better work towards improving the living environment and conditions of the people of Nkoteng. The expertise demonstrated by the city of Dschang will initially be used to build the capacity of elected officials and technicians, with a particular focus on the supply of drinking water, sanitation and tourism. This enabled the town’s chief magistrate, Jacquis Kemleu, to tour the town of Nkoteng to appreciate its potential. Walking through the town, the delegation visited the Nkoteng municipal landfill site, the bus station, the grandstand, the Nkoteng district medical center, the central market, the water tower, the site of the municipal housing estate currently under construction and the Sanaga Camping Beach leisure area. This potential is fully appreciated, and the wealth of achievements to be credited to the mandate in place since 2020 and led by Mayor Esaïe Hubert Kanga. With a view to going further and doing better, the mayor reached out to Dschang for substantial support. The deployment of local public policies in Dschang is a source of strength and admiration for other decentralized local authorities at national and international level. The foundations have been laid and the work has already begun. From now on, Nkoteng and Dschang will have to think in terms of development with very precise objectives.

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